Power Thoughts

For those who want to learn principles for changing your thought life to encourage healing in your body, this is a great read! Many points in this book come with credibility from Dr. Caroline Leaf who is a well known neuroscientist, but Joyce Meyer does a great job of simplifying them so that anyone can understand and apply them to their daily life.

Description from the Joyce Meyer Ministries Website:

New York Times Bestseller

Does your mind wander? Do you have trouble trying to get something out of your mind? You may be stuck in a mental rut. Well, it’s time to get out!

In her bestselling book, Joyce will help you…Take principles from Battlefield of the Mind to the next level

-Learn 12 specific thoughts to positively affect every area of your life

-Learn how to think right thoughts on purpose

-Become decisive, confident and productive

-Enjoy the powerful life God intended for you

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