Liz has an amazingly unique gift that is being used to help others with neurological difficulties. She is an amazingly passionate and dedicated woman. I am so grateful to have her in my life! God had our paths cross in His perfect timing; for which I am forever grateful. I have been one of the many blessed to receive Liz’s kindness and endless hope. She is a wealth of knowledge regarding spiritual and physical healing and has been an integral part in my healing journey. I would not be where I am today without her love and guidance. She is truly an inspiration and knows what she’s talking about. I encourage anyone seeking help to reach out to Liz.

Nicole – realpersonlife.com – Hampton, VA

Liz Rooney is the true definition of hope unfading. Although she has endured multiple traumas and trials her heart and passion has never dwindled. Her physical body may have been broken and put to the test, but her heart has remained fully intact. Professionally, Liz has helped me understand the hardships clients may endure when receiving services and looking for resources. Through Hope Unfading I have been linked to other professionals, forms of treatment, and resources to ensure my clients receive the best level of care.

Dyverynce Lambert, LPC – Chesapeake, VA

Through Hope Unfading, Liz brings her immense life experience, self-education, and extensive research to bear in the service of those on the recovery path. Without the information she taught me about qEEGs, I would not have known to have one done, which has illuminated neurofeedback as an essential treatment avenue for me. Surprisingly, many doctors are not well-enough educated about the brain and brain injury to give TBI survivors the help they need, and these survivors are left to explore medical and alternative healing realms for themselves. Without proper guides and resources, they can become lost in a depressing trial and error process that can last for years. Receiving good information quickly, coupled with strong support from people who understand, is the best hope for brain injury survivors. Hope Unfading does this, by offering insight into tested treatment paths, reliable healthcare providers, and the variety of treatment methods to explore. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking to take the next step in recovery. Healing is possible. Sometimes all we need is hope and a reliable map. Hope Unfading is a fantastic place to start.

Elizabeth P.

Liz’s positive words of encouragement along with all of her resources were a huge help. I felt like I made a friend. With as foggy as my head was, I struggled with people not understanding my injuries. I found myself in a very dark place and she reached out to me. I can’t thank her enough for that, and I know my husband and my children would thank her too. She encouraged me to continue forward with my healing journey. Discussing symptoms and remedies sent me straight to the Internet to plow through as much as I could, from supplements, to diet changes and any other additional rehab/treatments that might help me. I am so blessed to have met Liz through our concussion support group. I am so proud of her and her journey and so excited for her to start this non-profit organization. Thank you for being there for me, Liz. You helped save me. I hope you know that.

Bonnie – Washington

What a blessing Liz has been to me and my 16 year old son. When my son suffered his third concussion and started having debilitating migraines for days at a time, memory loss, and balance and vision issues, a mutual friend steered me to Liz for guidance. The pediatric neurologist only wanted to treat the symptoms with medications that were not helping and were possibly, even hurting my child. Liz didn’t even know me and she spent over an hour speaking with me about things she had tried and pointed me to an excellent Neuro-Optometrist who ended up helping my child more than anyone else. It was so important that we figure out and treat what was causing the issues versus just throwing neurological medications at symptoms. Liz has supported me and answered many questions, and she gave me hope! Today, my son is around 80% healed, thank the Lord! He is doing so much better, and I can tell his brain is continuing to heal. Thank you, Liz! Without you, my son would not be where he is today!

Melissa – Virginia Beach, VA

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