Allercease and NAET

Last April, I walked into this office in desperation. My barometric pressure sensitivity reached an all time high. BPS is common for people with a history of head trauma and quite annoying, but when I became pregnant, it became debilitating, and when I was 3 months post partum, the hormone changes caused full blown reactions at every pressure change (which is everyday here in VA Beach.) Most days I could barely breathe or carry my baby, I was so weak.

One night as the pressure rose, and I literally felt like I was going to die. I asked God once again, to tell me what was going on and how to fix it.

That same night, I came across a story about a pilot who had developed an allergy to barometric pressure changes and could no longer work. Then he found a Dr. who desensitized his allergy and helped him get his job back. I had never thought about the sensitivity being an allergic reaction until I looked up anaphylaxis and realized that I had just spent the last year of my life experiencing it, and what I thought was just crazy anxiety when the pressure rose, was actually me being on the verge of anaphylactic shock.

It was a 6 hr drive to Charlotte NC to see Dr. Cushing. His methods were a bit unorthodox and to be honest, we had our doubts if his testing and techniques were legit. But after each treatment, I felt a big energy change, similar to how I feel right after neurofeedback or TMS, so I knew it was doing something. On the way home though, I was exausted and wondering if it was all just a waste.

We got back home just in time for a huge barometric pressure change that would have normally left me in bed, but I was able to function! I went from a full blown reaction to little more than a headache, and tinnitus. Which compared to pre-treatment was a breeze!

Dr. Cushing uses his own patented technique that he calls AllerCease which is a quantum physics based treatment similar to NAET but more comprehensive. If you are unable to travel to see him, try looking to see if someone in your area offers NAET.

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